Application knowledge is key

The grower plays a crucial role, he has the application knowledge, he is the problem owner. The grower has to determine the user requirements for the technology development. Whether the application is about removing leaves for cucumber plants or harvesting gerberas, it is about the mutual interaction between practice and technology.
This interaction will results in the succesfull solution.

High wire cultivation

In greenhouse horticulture, there are two different ways in which cucumber is grown, namely traditional cultivation and high wire cultivation.

High wire cultivation has some advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional cultivation. The main advantages are the much higher yield (up to 50% more) and the higher quality of the product. The disadvantage of high wire cultivation is the susceptibility to viruses and the labor costs are significantly higher than with traditional cultivation.

With autonomous robots, those disadvantages are completely removed. That makes the decision to switch to high wire cultivation interesting for many more growers.

Leaf cutting

Leaf cutting involves removing the cucumber leaves, which no longer add value to the cultivation. Those leaves basically hinder the performance of the plant. These leaves are mainly located in the low part of the plant, in a defined height zone.
Leaf cutting is very standard and relatively simple work, but it is labour-intensive and a major cost item for the growers

The robot Cropteq with 1 arm cuts an average of 1000 leaves per hour over 100 meters with full planting. With this performance it is a very competitive alternative for the growers, apart from all the other advantages and possibilities.